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We are a Baltimore based business that specializes in creating handmade, unique Japanese bonsai art. Our products are 100% eco-friendly and natural, using locally sourced plants ranging from tropicals to succulents and everything in between.

Who is Mister Kokedama?

Mister Kokedama is a business born out of the Covid-19 quarantine which gave us bouts of stir-craziness and an explosion of creative energy. What began as a unique and passionate past-time has blossomed into a one-of-a-kind homemade Kokedama business that we are incredibly excited about! Our love for plants, paired with an adoration for research, persistent attentiveness, and creativity has fueled this endeavor, and we could not be more excited to share with you everything that we have learned and what we can create!

Kokedamas are a form of Japanese Bonsai art that originated in the Edo Period in Japan, between the 1600s and 1800s. They originally were created as an alternative to Bonsai, giving them the nick name “Poor Man’s Bonsai.” Kokedama, which literally translates to “moss ball” in English, was considered a cheap alternative to the beloved art of Bonsai, which can cost between hundreds and thousands of dollars to maintain, even today. The kokedama allows us to observe and appreciate plants through an artistic lens that highlights its naturally zen aesthetic.

Mission Statement

Our mission here at Mister Kokedama is to craft handmade, unique, and personalized Kokedamas using 100% locally sourced, eco-friendly, and natural materials. We aim to offer unique houseplants that are visually pleasing and add variety to any indoor garden. Our goal is to not only offer unique, zen additions to our customer’s houseplant collection, but to also support our local community, those that live in the Baltimore area, and other local businesses and business owners. 

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